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    Expand Your Practice with Life-Enhancing Cannabinoids



Designed exclusively for professionals in the health and wellness industry, the PrimeMyBody Practitioner's Program is for licensed professionals (LP) who desire to focus on a retail environment business opportunity. Our LPs have the ability to purchase our catalog of premier hemp-infused wellness products at discounted prices to resale within their practice at our established retail prices.



We recognize the synergistic relationship between plant compounds and the human body. That’s why each of our hemp-infused products is crafted from high-quality hemp compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes, that are sourced from organically grown hemp plants that have been nurtured and matured with care and consideration. Each of these hemp-infused cannabinoid products is available inside our Practitioner's Program, which is directly linked to our lucrative Rewards Plan. For more information about our Rewards Program, click on the button below:


PrimeMyBody is the globally trusted choice in cannabinoid products, and each of the LPs in our Practitioner's Program will have the ability to purchase these hemp-infused products at an exclusively discounted price!

For example, an LP of our Practitioner's Program purchases 50 of our science-backed mind and body hemp extract, FOCUS, which they will have exclusive access to FOCUS for $50 per bottle! By selling FOCUS at the retail price of $108, our LPs will make $5,400!

Applying for the PrimeMyBody Practitioner's Program is incredibly simple, and it only takes a few steps to submit your application for review. If you or any of your LPs desire to participate in our Practitioner's Program, please complete the following:

  • Enroll as a PrimeMyBody Affiliate
  • Apply for the Practitioner's Program (scroll down)
  • Upon submitting your application, you'll be notified to submit your incorporation or entity details, tax-exempt certificate, as well as copies of your current license from the licensing body in the state you operate.
  • You'll also need to complete and submit the Formal PMB Agreement and Order Form, along with the documents stated above.
  • Once each of these requested documents has been submitted, your application will be reviewed (approximately 1-3 days). From there, Mary Mix will be in touch about your application status.


Once this application has been submitted and all requested documents have been accepted and approved, our team will work with you to initiate your first PrimeMyBody product order.


Initial / first orders must be a minimum of $2,500 and can be a combination of products. Subsequent orders must be a minimum of $1,500. Payments are accepted by wires only. LPs pay shipping and handling.

There are no returns on products unless there is a proven manufacturer defect.

Products cannot be sold below our wholesale / Affiliate pricing. Increased points do not count toward practitioner's purchases; Points max out at 50%. Practitioner orders do not generate Fast Builder Rewards, nor do they count toward FSS Qualification. PrimeMyBody reserves the right to amend its prices at its sole and absolute discretion. Enrollment is non-refundable.

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